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Kew High, June 2014.

The Kew High School students and staff just want to thank you all for a wonderful camp this year.

At all times you all displayed the highest quality professional and organisational skills that are required to deliver an outstanding program. Your attention to detail and ability to adhere to strict regulations and controls is clearly evidenced by the care given to our students. All agree that it is the best camp with great food and lots of fun – let’s hope no wind next year. We look forward to coming back next year!

Camberwell High, May 2014, 200 Year 9

“Dear Colin and KRWC staff,

Thank you for a wonderful week at your camp. The students and our staff were greeted with warmth and enthusiasm which continued throughout the week. Staff were given a briefing during which your expectations of us and students were made clear and our minds put at ease . The highlight for many of the staff during the camp was the opportunity to get to know our students in a new environment, and the program you ran created a fantastic opportunity for relationships to strengthen and new relationships to form.

In particular, the Strengths sessions gave students the opportunity to reflect upon their strengths both in terms of their character and their physical abilities. Students spoke openly and powerfully about themselves and in the final session, about one another. The gradual building of relationships and understanding of strengths meant that eventually, students who would not usually spend time together were expressing gratitude and admiration for one another; this was uplifting to witness. I believe students felt comfortable to speak so openly in front of their peers because of the atmosphere created by their leaders; everyone was relaxed yet had clear expectations, listened to all students and spoke with utmost respect.

The camp’s mantra “challenge by choice” was enacted; students were encouraged to give everything a go outside of their comfort zones, without it becoming intimidating or competitive. Personally, I found the Leap of Faith terrifying, but the encouragement of the students was motivating and Kayla, our leader, was very supportive.

The camp finale, Wildergaining, was a sensation. Students were working together in their groups, using a variety of skills, thinking strategically and creatively – the ballet performances were definitely a highlight!

Furthermore, the camp food was absolutely delicious – congratulations to Michelle and her team! Thank you to Colin, Kieran, Slim, Michelle, Kayla, Jack, Ally, Emily, Matt, Kate and Ian for a wonderful experience.”

Anna Daish

Year 9 Student Learning Leader

Shelford Girls Grammar, February 2014, Year 8, 60 Participants.

Our Year 8s absolutely loved the challenging, thrilling and thought-provoking Young Rhythms Program at Kinglake! What an amazing week… The skills they gained from their camp experience are so important at this stage in their development, and link in perfectly with our approach to pastoral care here at school. The program run so smoothly and it was a joy to work with such a capable team throughout the week! Thank you!!

Alison Reid, Year 8 Co-ordinator.

Toorak College, November 2013, 75 Participants.

“KRWC provided us with an ideal program as our students embark on their final year of school. Structured so well to maximise the 3 days, the facilitators and Colin moved the students to a mental space of happiness, affirmation of self, community belonging and positivity. The sensational natural bush and sparkling river provided the optimum conditions for the girls to relax and explore their inner selves. Every aspect of the program was exceptionally well planned, safe,(but also challenging) and efficiently run. Each was very different, and the girls excitedly moved from one to another. We could not be happier with this program offered by Colin and his team. P.S. Michelle’s brilliant catering was a huge hit with staff and students alike. Thank you all.”

Debbie Page, Head of Year 12.

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