A portion of the program is self-directed by the students, allowing them to experience decision-making, time management, budget decisions and the responsibilities and communication challenges of operating as a group. Our facilitators are still there to ensure everyone stays emotionally and physically safe, but there’s some time for the students to ‘take the reigns’ on the direction and activities of their group.


The programs include a mix of interesting and high-energy experiences, but they also provide time to reflect and contemplate, and to focus on wellbeing. Personal communication skills are also developed throughout the program.


Set amongst this backdrop of social consciousness, adventure and culinary delights is a journey of self-discovery. Experiences that allow young people to be introspective and understand who they are and where they sit in this world. For their teachers and carers, it’s a chance to watch the students come into their own outside the classroom. Not to mention a whole lot of fun and surprise for all along for the ride!

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