Research – Experience – Motivation….

The experience

Where does all this wonderful content in our programs come from, you ask?


There are a number of well integrated positive psychology processes embedded in our programs. The trick is to work out which practices are the ones that are high return and teachable in a short period of time. Over the years these practices have been gleaned from many sources, from research studies, conferences, professional development opportunities to working with many youth organisations. We also include the best of habit forming and embedding research outcomes so City Wilderness Camp is a lifelong memory. Our crew thoroughly enjoys learning about new ways to encourage healthy practices and attitudes. We are indeed a highly energetic learning organization.



The collective experience of the crew and program directors gives a diverse array of creativity when devising new content. The CWC crew is constantly seeing new opportunities and we hold multiple program development days each year to continually refresh and improve the experiences we deliver. A fundamental belief is that there is power in discovering new knowledge oneself – not news to teachers! We also believe that the teaching is not undermined in any way by informality or having fun – so we do!


There are numerous young teachers and outdoor recreation professionals and all-round highly accomplished motivators. Post-camp reviews are always highly energetic and rewarding as the amazing crew reflect on the Good work (capital G) they have done.


Optimistic, respectful, playful, intelligent, professional, lifelong learners, generous and great supportive friends – that’s the crew !



All CWC crew fully understand that attitude affects everything in ones life – in part it’s known as ‘explanatory style’ in the positive psychology field. We call it ARO-Snap and it is taught and practiced throughout the program. Importantly however, if we wish to effect positive change in young people, we must lead with our own positive attitudes. The CWC crew walks the talk. They are highly optimistic, upbeat and knowledgeable and they are also realists. The crew create and maintain a non-judgemental space for honest conversations and viewpoints. The whole outcome is a tremendously liberating and motivational space for young people to explore for a few days.

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