We’re a little bit different

… in a good way

The Program

Our program overview...

City Wilderness Camps are really something special. They’re different from other camps in the best possible ways. You’ll have loads of fun, student and teacher! You will constantly say Wow! (or OMG!).  AND, they’re competitive!  The team that relays the best account of their experience to the guest judge (usually a well know teaching character) wins the explorers title. You won’t believe the creativity that finds its way to these presentation sessions – and we encourage it!


City Wilderness Camp programs are generally 3 days and 2 nights, staying in comfortable accommodation in the CBD. Every program is fully facilitated by our highly experienced and motivating crew. The program explores the city but it runs a lot deeper than most because we believe that some of the best learning happens when we don’t know it’s happening. We create unique and unexpected adventures that inspire young people in their own city. There are elements that are mandatory and their is a huge selection of team directed program elements – it’s all about initiative, exploration and storytelling.


The program provides them with opportunities to develop a sense of empowerment. We continually craft original ideas and activities to inspire. We’re ok with being different… because it engages and works. Most participants, students and teachers alike, can’t wait to bring their families in to show them their new discoveries!

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